Straight Sword

Taiji Jian1. Beginning Posture
2. Three Rings Circle the Moon
3. Great Star of the Literary God
4. Swallow Searches the Water
5. Right Block and Sweep
6. Left Block and Sweep
7. Small Star of the Literary God
8. Swallow Enters the Nest
9. Agile Cat Catches the Rat
10. Dragonfly Touches the Water
11. Wasp Enters the Cave
12. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
13. Left Cyclone
14. Small Star of the Literary God
15. Right Cyclone
16. Waiting for Fish
17. Parting the Grass Looking for Snakes
18. Clasping the Moon to the Bosom
19. Bird Goes to Roost in the Forest
20. Black Dragon Wags Its Tail
21. Wind Curls the Lotus Leaves
22. Lion Shakes Its Head
23. Tiger Hold Its Head
24. Wild Horse Jumps the Mountain Stream
25. Turn Body and Rein the Horse
26. Step Up
27. The Compass
28. Shaking the Duster in the Wind
29. Following the Current Pushing the Boat
30. Shooting Star Catches Up with the Moon
31. Heavenly Horse Travels the Void
32. Roll Up the Screen
33. Left and Right Cart Wheels Sword
34. Great Peng Spreads Wing
35. Fishing the Moon Out from the Bottom of the Sea
36. Clasping the Moon to the Bosom
37. Night Demons Explore the Sea
38. Rhinoceros Gazes at the Moon
39. Shooting the Wild Goose
40. White Ape Presents Fruit
41. Phoenix Spreads Its Wings
42. Left and Right Straddle and Block
43. Shooting the Wild Goose
44. White Ape Presents Fruit
45. Left and Right Flowers Fall
46. Fair Lady Threads the Shuttle
47. White Tiger Wags Its Tail
48. Tiger Holds Its Tail
49. Carp Jumps the Dragon Gate
50. Black Dragon Twines Around the Pillar
51. Immortal Points Out the Road
52. Wind Sweeps the Plum Blossoms
53. Tiger Holds Its Head
54. The Compass
55. Enfolding the Sword, Returning to the Beginning